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I COMPLETELY understand why this bothers you. It's impossible to explain why without looking bad, but, it's how we all feel. I agree with you.

Unfortunately, if she is on the registration, or on the paperwork they signed... or if she's doing part of the drop off and pick ups, they need to include her on the parenting from their end.

It's not their place to be more loyal to one parent over the other...even if we secretly are.

I have two families who are very complicated, and I can't even keep it straight. There are six kids between four parents, and two kids share a dad with one other girl, and the sixth kid shares a mom with the two of the other four, but is being raised by her dad and step mom. The dad is now married to another one of my families, and the whole thing baffles me at pick up time. I just send notes home with the children's names on them, and hope for the best. (luckily these are only summer kids, so I only have to think hard in the summers)
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