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Originally Posted by Crystal View Post
hehehe....Yes, it could be a jealousy issue, and petty for sure if it is.

BUT, it is a confidentiality issues as well. It could also not be a jealousy issue and just a metter of the OP needing to get to know this other woman abd build a trusting relationship with her before allowing private info to be shared. I know if I were in her shoes, I would want to build that relationship and know that I could trust her with private info before I allowed it.
I understand what you are saying Crystal but I am assumming the father is giving permission for his soon to be wife to be privy to this information which I believe is HIS right to do regardless of whether mom likes it or not.

I also think that if the daycare wanted to cover ALL their bases they should simply write out "The Smith household-dad" and "The Smith household-mom" on any and all correspondence.

It just seems silly that the OP is stressing over something that is FOR her child but based on feelings of jealously and hurt on HER part.

I mean what if step-mom does most of the picking up and dropping off for the child while he is at dad's house and a specific item or issue needed to be addressed but dad isn't available to show step mom the note etc......seems to me the ONLY person getting shafted here would be the child.

If the OP is concerned about step mom having access to HER private household info then I would completely understand where she is coming from but I don't get the feeling that this has anything to do with that kind of info.

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