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Originally Posted by jgcp View Post
If you give out a bill to families every week how do i word that in my contract? Im changing a few things in my contract/updating and I would love to do this for myself and the families. something like this:

You will receive a billing statement every friday/ last pickup of week for the next week. If you will not be attending or gone for a day i need to know prior to printing billing statement or you will be billed. ????

If parents give me a heads up for days out i dont charge them buuut lately iv had parents showing up mon morning telling me " oh dck wont be here thur and fri" so then im short the money i thought id have?? or should i just be charging anyway?? Iv been going back and forth on that but know my families cant pay an arm and leg for care so i try to be reasonable??
How about something like this?

"All families are invoiced on Friday for the upcoming week(s). Credit will not be given for any missed days after you receive your invoice. Please make schedule changes prior to Friday 5PM or you will be charged for all days schedule, even if unused."
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