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Originally Posted by Meeko View Post
Sounds about right.... three women who don't know you...don't know your kids....don't know their parents...come in and nose around YOUR home and decide in a few hours whether or not you're worth anything. Total garbage.

My 0-5 mentor was certified to do the assessing in our area and I love her to pieces! She's been here often, has seen me working with the dcks, 'knows' the environment and routine. But for some stupid reason the state had to hire 2 official assessors who are just as you mention! They have no clue but will pass judgement by the book, as to whether I'm 'good enough' or not, never mind I've been doing this over 30 years and have raised my own 3 children. IF(and that's getting to be a bigger and bigger IF) I decide to go from 3 STARS to 4, I will need to have them come into my home and assess. Right now, that's my biggest stumbling block. My mentor did tell me if I decide to do that, she can come prior to the assessors and go through it herself, to support me, show me where I could improve, answer my questions, etc.
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