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If a provider has major problems in her daycare, then it will be noticed by both licensing and parents.

If a provider wants information on making changes or improving her business, she can do research on her own and pick and choose what will work for her specifically.

Having a stranger come in to nose around is completely redundant. They do not have a clue about the home or the occupants, or the daycare families. They only see a glimpse of the surface of the lives in that home. That is never enough to make an assessment. They go by a piece of paper and a checklist.

A home daycare is SOOO much more than a generic checklist. I provide a personal, family-like home setting. An inspector is not part of that "family" and therefore is not qualified to make any comment on it.

They have no idea about MY daycare. And I refuse to become a cookie-cutter facility, raising little robots according to "the checklist" and "stars".
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