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We were doing fine for awhile. The problem is that my wife had knee surgery and had complications and ended up in the hospital. So we were closed for the surgery, 4 days she was hospitalized, plus she missed 7 weeks at her other job. So we are a month behind on our mortgage, behind on all our credit cards that we used to finance starting the business, our credit rating is non-existent. I am constantly worried that something else will go wrong with the house we bought (that was totally misrepresented by the seller and the seller's Realtor). There are so many things wrong with it that it would be easier to list what IS good. I am worried that our second car will give out at any second and we won't be able to replace it, due to credit scores in the toilet. I need to replace the windows in 2 of our rooms in the basement to bring them up to code so that I can legally use those rooms for sleeping use and not just playing. Who knows how much that will cost. Our front screen door broke in a wind storm, and a new one is $200, plus who knows how much to get it installed. I need the carpet replaced in the daycare area due to flooding the first week we moved in due to a broken water heater pipe 9 months ago. We can't get a loan anywhere. We have trashed the house we bought by using it for daycare.
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