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Originally Posted by badger411 View Post
There is no personal time. Most weeks, we have kids 7 days a week. I work week nights as a cashier, my wife works weekends in customer service. My health insurance through work will end at the end of the year since I am only part time, so that will be another added expense. As I said, I came into this with dreams of doing everything right. Story time, Pre-K, structured play, and everything else, and the reality was overwhelming before the first week was over. It's too late to go back, since I bought the house and can't afford it without the daycare income. But my heart is certainly not in the same place it was a year ago when I was planning all of this.
Well the problem with daycare income is that it isn't stable sometimes. I haven't found a way around that. I would look at being sure you get some time off, 24/7 care is taxing. I hope you are charging a higher rate for nights and weekends. If those are more profitable, perhaps take on less daytime children.

As far as windows and doors, are you doing the work yourself? Hubby is a truck driver so he isn't home much and we rent now. But see if there is a building salvage near you. Habitat for humanity has their "Restore" in many places. You can get good stuff at a lower price if you look around for it.
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