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Originally Posted by Maru View Post
Sergio tripped over a bike while at day-care. He has hit forehead scratched, nose, upper lip and left arm. Daycare called and said, "he's he's heavily bleeding, does not need stitches but he wants you." I replied, "did anyone called an ambulance?" She simply replied,"no"
Are they not supposed to give me an injury report AND call an ambulance to check if he had a concussion? I pay $1,000 monthly, have to provide dispersants lunch. Isn't there a law that they are forced to provide me with those things? Please help!!! Thanks!!!
Each state has different requirements as to how an injury is to be managed/dealt with. Depending on the severity of the injury, an incident report may or may not be required.

I am in MN and I am required only to provide an injury report to licensing IF the child required immediate medical attention. If it was simply a fall and some bleeding, I would do as previous poster said and apply the first aid training I have and go from there.

Calling an ambulance is a bit over the top unless the child lost consciousness or if it were life or death situation.
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