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I have a list of reasons I'll call an ambulance, in CA our first aid class gives us this list as a guideline.

Severe injuries to the head*, back or neck; severe eye injury
Person not breathing
Difficulty breathing, shortness of breath
Wheezing, facial swelling due to allergic reaction
Near drowning
Person unconscious, semi-conscious or unusually confused
Uncontrolled bleeding
Coughing or vomiting blood
Chest pain or pressure that lasts more than 3-5 minutes
Poisoning, drug overdose
First time seizure, multiple seizures, or seizure lasting more than 5 minutes
Fracture with bone deformity and/or bone exposure
Person with sudden or persistent severe pain

Sorry, but if I called an ambulance if a kid fell and scratched themselves, even if they hit their head (not severely) I'd have a WHOLE BUNCH of mad parents. What a waste of time and resources. If you're concerned he has a concussion, take him to the doctor. But chances are that he's fine as long as he isn't confused or nauseated.
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