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Originally Posted by Blackcat31 View Post
If they initial each page of your handbook, I assume you keep it in their/your files then? How do they reference it if they need to look up a particular rule or policy? Especially something they read but it didnt apply to them at the time and now they need to know what your rule is on it? Or do you make two copies, one for you that they initial and one for them to keep?
I was thinking about having them initial each page too, but since mine is fairly lengthly and I still have a few more topics to cover, I don't want to be standing their for ten minutes making copies. LOL

I do have a signature on my last page of the policy handbook and those signatures are set up the exact same as the contract signatures. Thanks goodness for Copy/Paste functions, it looks very professional!

OHH, I also have a revised 12.10 and a page number above that on the bottom right-hand corner of each page. I will give them the whole policy handbook to keep and just make a copy of the last page for my records since the bottom revised dates will match.

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