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Originally Posted by Abigail View Post
What do you do on the second interview and first interview? Do you have people ask for a handbook on their first visit?
The first interview I have them come over with or without the kid and see the daycare. Then we just chat and answer questions about the set up, activities, schedules, and the like. Nothing formally written down. I go a lot on instinct. If they ask for paperwork I let them know that I can have it ready for them for their second interview. Some ask some don't. The second interview they must bring their kid during hours so I can see how they act/react to the kids I have in care currently. If I feel that they would make a good addition then I give them the paperwork and we discuss more details such as payments, sick policy, back up plan, and the like. I then give them the standard warning that the spot is given to the first person who brings back the paperwork so if they take too long it may be gone.
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