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From a business perspective, having steady, reliable income is crucial.

I would NOT do hourly or daily rates for this reason.

I would do a set weekly rate that is broken down into daily amounts (eg. 30/day=90/week for 3 days)

I am one of the few people that loves part time kids. I charge a higher daily amount and when I fill the opposite days, I make more.

175/week full time/5 days (35/day)
160/week 4 days (40/day)
135 week/3 days (45/day)
100/week/2 days (50 day)
55/drop in days

that is for up to 10 hours of care. Additional hours or portions thereof are $5/extra

for part time, set schedules. EG M/W/F. If they have a rotating schedule, they need to pay for a FT space (that is what they are taking up, you cannot fill varying days)

I do not offer half days. There is NO way to fill an afternoon. If you do, what happens with ratios when a child who is supposed to be picked up at 12 stays until 12:30 and the other child arrives at 12:15 as scheduled?

Charge more for infants. The ratio is lower, it costs more to care for them.

I do not charge more for diapered children. I find parents lie about potty training or try to force it earlier when you do. I raised rates and supply all diapers. Now I get zero complaints from parents about using too many diapers and less lying about potty training progress.

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