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Originally Posted by mabell View Post
We will be hiring a staff.
Does anyone take a "wait list" on an age group until they have enough to start a few at a time?
Example: Ratio for age group is you wait until you have 3 or 4 more to "open slots" so that you're not losing money by paying the extra staff?
I was a director this summer of a small center. When we reorganized classrooms/space, I waited until I had it full before opening it. I set a tentative date, advertised for that specific classroom "Eg Doodle dots daycare has openings in the brand new caterpillar room for six two year olds!" we already had people in mind to teach, just called them with a job offer and start date. I did overlap their time some with other classrooms so they got the flow and time to set up the space/invite families to come meet them/see the room, etc. HTH!
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