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Default How Does Your 2YO Daycare Kids Behave?

I am really enjoying running a smaller daycare this year. I decided I have been overloading myself the past 2 years so it has been very nice and much less stressful.

I'm just curious for those that have 2 year old daycare kids, how they behave in your daycare setting?

I have one part day 2 year old daycare boy (just turned 2 in Nov.) and he has been busy from the moment I took him in last year at 16 months old. I'm starting to get a bit discouraged though because I'm not sure how to discipline him effectivly, the time outs and stern "no" and talking to him seems to be doing no good.

He throws toys/objects without warning..anything minor will upset him and he throws. If he's into something he shouldn't and I redirect him, that upsets him and he throws whatever he can. He has thrown a hard fridge phonics toy at my 2 1/2 year old daycare boy and gave him a purple bruise under his eye. He hits at anyone without warning for no reason at all. He's very hyper and rough, when I put him in time out for these things he kicks at me and sometimes yells.....yet on the flip side he can be very calm and sweet, it's like he turns like a switch at times.

He's the type that requires second for second supervision or he could be getting into trouble. Yesterday when his mom came to pick up he ran full force toward our 65" big screen TV and slammed both of his hands into it. My husband was here as he's off for the week and he was NOT happy! His mom spoke to him but certainly the boy wasn't even hearing a thing and it wasn't even half as stern as it should have been for that situation.

Recently the mom requested if I could watch him full time because normally the boys grandma takes him 1/2 day and I take over the 2nd half of the day but he's getting too much for the grandma to keep up with.

So you see he's busy and has discipline issues but is this "normal" for 2 year old boys? I have 4 girls myself and my youngest (who is now 5) was very busy at age 2 but in daycare she was quiet as a mouse and listened. How are your 2 year old daycare kids? Just curious what everyone else deals with and what are your tactics to get them to behave better?
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