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I have a girl who turned 2 in mid-August. She is in no way mean, she just has a lot of energy and spirit, if that's what you want to call it! lol. She does test her boundaries. Things she's been told is a no-no, she will glance at me before she does them to see if I'm looking. So she does need constant watching. We can't do a whole lot while she's awake. It frustrates the other kids every now and then, but they're pretty good with her and with the situation. One 7-yr old boy is her brother, so he's used to it. All my 4 kids have been here since birth, so they pretty much feel like siblings anyway. The 2-yr old does not get aggressive, she just plays HARD. She has a really good temperament, but is learning her limits and learning right from wrong. It's a tough age, which is why the saying goes "terrible twos".
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