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I am glad my husband is home this week, using up his vacation time. He has been a BIG help this week with this boy because I can't even clean up the kitchen as the 2 year old boy is hitting someone or throwing something before I can even finish. So the moment he hit/threw today my husband had him sit by the couch in time out and the boy listen to him (my husband is so good with the kids! keeps his cool and helps me out, he's a good father!).

I'm kind of glad my husband gets to see what I go through when this boy is here because sometimes I think he thinks I make these things up, but he was ready for the boy to leave today too!

The boy lives with his mom and grandma...they raise him together and they are wonderful people, really I LOVE them, they are great people...I just think with this being her first child and raising him with no father, the mom doesn't realize the importance of nipping this in the bud before it gets out of hand. I do know she has been very frustrated with his behavior at home, but I do not know how firm she disciplines him. I'm thinking things are more "cute" or she lets many things slide before she gets too upset.

I'm hoping with my husbands help this week to be able to catch him at the very moment he hits/throws to make him sit each and every time will make some progress with the boys behavior here. Fingers crossed! Wish I had an assisant every day!
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