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Sounds like my own ds who will be 2 in Jan. He is the sweetest love of a boy, but as soon as he's upset or doesn't get his way, he'll fling whatever is within inches of him...and if nothing is throwable close to him, he'll go get something to throw. He started this about 3 weeks ago. I consistently redirected and redirected with a firm NO followed by "oh, let's look at these things over here, sweetie......blah blah blah" and it was not enough for him to "get over" whatever he was upset about. He knew the throwing and high-pitched screaming got my attention, so I decided after a week to just ignore him (as long as nobody was getting hurt of course).....and his throwing and screaming has reduced by at least half if not more. I figured it wouldn't hurt to try - I have already removed wooden blocks and trains from his reach so as to keep the other kids safe while he goes through this stage. And I have to say that just because he acts this way doesn't mean he has no discipline at home. It's just him. He has siblings that never acted out that way.
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