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Default Daycare insurance

I am an insurance agent in Minnesota and wanted to share some info on daycare insurance. There is a reason why a Daycare Liability rider that is added to your Home policy costs so much less than a stand alone Childcare Business insurance policy. Those riders offer very limited coverage.

First, those type of riders only provide liability coverage while the kids are on your property. If you go on any field trips or take any of the kids off of your property, your policy will not provide any coverage.

Second, those riders do not typically cover food borne illness.

Third, the riders do not provide any Sexual Molestation or Abuse coverage. Remember, you do not have to be guilty of anything. The mere allegation can cost you a substantial amount in both defense costs and damage to your reputation.

I hope this info is usefull to you. I would be happy to answer any questions any one has.
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