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Default hire Tom Copeland?

Originally Posted by Daycarefamily View Post
Hi. I have done my own taxes for 20 years and never been audited. I have heard too many horror stories from people who use "professionals" that make stupid mistakes probably because tax season is just too busy for any human to deal with. I never use tax software either because they do make mistakes, especially dealing with residential day care.

That being said I am admittedly somewhat paranoid of the IRS even though I do everything by the book.

If I do ever face a real in person audit from the IRS, I would want to hire Tom Copeland. However I live in NH. Seems to me with modern technology such as facetime, a tax attorney can virtually be present regardless of the physical location. Is this possible?
Thanks for the compliment, but I don't represent providers who are being audited. If you use KidKare and have the accounting section and join my Child Care Business Partnership, I can provide a lot of help if you are audit. Or, if you use myMAX I can also provide a lot of help.
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