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Originally Posted by LittleExplorers View Post
Did she discuss time off and transportation in the contract? If she is violating her contract, I would probably just cut ties. What does it say for paid time off?

If she is not violating her contract, two weeks pay is due. Being as you told her on Monday, I would count this week's pay as one week, but again, that depends on the wording of the contract.

Either way, I hope you find a good fit in your next provider!
The contract states occasionally provider may need to transport children in care for field trips and other activities outside of the daycare home. The contract states she has 2 weeks of vacation per year. One 4 day absence was vacation related and she informed us one week prior, but the other days she's not available were related to other things and we were notified typically the night before. However, "occasional" is at least half of the days she has her. I also think, but I'm not sure, that "field trips and other activities" does not include grocery shopping, doctor, dentist appointments etc. The wording is pretty vague.

I don't think there is anything about this week's pay excluding being part of the two weeks.... The check is dated with the same date as when we quit. She did watch my daughter that day from 10AM to 12PM before I officially quit, but I don't think that would matter as she could technically still be attending for 2 weeks after we give her notice.

I wasn't anticipating this kind of problem as we had been using her hourly for several months before we signed a contract, so to be honest I wasn't too concerned with looking out for myself with the contract because I thought she was pretty trustworthy, so I read it, but I really didn't thoroughly dissect it. I guess I learned from this at the very least.

I hope I find a good fit next time too! Thank you!
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