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Originally Posted by Blackcat31 View Post
What state are you in?

Did you know upon enrollment that she would be traveling with your child to where ever?

I knew that emergencies could arise but no I wasn't aware she would be making it a regular thing.

What does her policies or your contract specifically say in regards to what you are paying for? Are you paying for ACCESS to all 5 days of the week or just the couple days you signed up for?

I am paying for access to all 5 days. I didn't sign up for any specific days. I told her that I make my own schedule 2 months ahead of time and if she needs a set schedule each week I can do that, but typically I work Monday Tuesday one week and Wednesday Thursday the next week, and I'm in school as well and need 1 half day for homework. She said she is open Monday-Friday 7-4 so it doesn't matter to her which days I bring her.

Did she tell you before she adopted the dog that she was getting a dog?

Not at all, we just arrived one day and the new dog was there.

I don't know but it sort of sounds like the provider is using the contract for her benefit but not adhering to it when it's beneficially for you.
I agree and I actually brought that up to her, and she responded in a very nasty way saying I am being inconsiderate, so rather than continue the conversation I just said my daughter would not be returning, thank you for your help with her. She continued on and on about the 2 weeks pay and then started messaging my husband so I blocked her. I don't know if that was the best thing to do but I didn't want to argue. I'm just concerned that with the way things ended she is going to try to take me to court and having never been through that before I'm not sure if I'm in the right. My gut tells me she breached the contract first so it is null and void. But my Google searches have not been able to find much applicable information...
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