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Originally Posted by Cat Herder View Post
I would write up a professional (brief and to the point, no emotion) notice of her violations to the contract and mail two copies to her. One of which she has to sign for. Keep a third for yourself should you end up in small claims court.

Her case will not stand up in small claims court if she has violated her contract. Contracts must work both ways.
That is great news thank you. I did tell her that I think her closures and requiring early pick ups some days were a breach of contract and she said that she never closed or required early pick ups. I have text messages that say "I can do Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday" on Sunday night... or "Just letting you know she needs to be picked up by 3 today" Maybe she does not consider that a breach of contract if she told me at all and we didn't just show up to locked doors? So I think that she would not sign that form because she doesn't see herself as in the wrong.
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