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Originally Posted by Cat Herder View Post
I agree with BC. Also 20+ years.

In the future, I'd make sure that you must sign a field trip form for each and every trip off site. Standard "may transport" blanket permission just does not fly anymore.
Each trip should outline educational goals, place, meals, activities, times of departure and return. The trips should be about the children during daycare hours. You are paying for that, after all. Here, off-site trips require a second provider, because ratio drops almost in half.

Those are not requirements here. While I agree with you in theory and it depends on where that provider is located (specific regulations), the provider's "blanket permission" would be enough in some situations.

30-day notice of closures for vacation and around 3 emergency/short term notice closures per year should be about the norm. I have not had an emergency short term closure in over 5 years. It isn't that common with most providers. Our lifestyles are generally not that chaotic.

2 weeks-30 days (and sometimes longer) is the norm here for planned days off. I use anywhere from 1-10 short notice closures annually, depending on the circumstances.

Pets should never have access to children during daycare hours. Daycare kids should never have access to pets, for the very same reasons.

Again, I agree with you in theory, but I know many providers who consider their pets part of daycare and part of that particular environment. I don't agree with it (for the safety of both parties) but I also understand their thinking.
If the contract said "pets may be on the premises", that provider may legally be covered.

Good luck in the future. Never fear court if you are right.
Red above.

OP, I think the provider is definitely unethical. But everything comes down to how that contract was worded.
Your best bet is to write an unemotional letter stating the facts, what outcome you want and what agreed upon services you felt were not given.
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