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I would say to start writing out your case. Not only for legal purpose as Cat Herder said, but I often find that as I start writing, things start becoming even more clear to me.

Format and print out all your text threads with her. There are a lot of issues to look at, it sounds. The transport issue...the dog...the unavailability.

Make a chart of all your weeks with her since you signed the full-time contract, and show which days she didn't give care, the days she transported and also the the amount of notice she gave each time. Also include your responses. It might help to show how many times you objected or expressed concern about the transport.

One thing that was not mentioned above is that there is an expectation of reasonable interpretation. If you carefully document the pattern of unreasonable interpretation of the contract, it will strengthen your case greatly--depending on the judge.

Or you could just pay the money and go forward with a "lesson learned" attitude. It depends on whether you feel like the possible small claims court event would be worth it.
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