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Default I Had an Incident Yesterday - Lost Daycare Child

We had a back to school night last night and the teachers had to shuffle the remaining kids that had not been picked up across the street to the main church building where they were providing childcare while the teachers and parents would talk.

So yesterday evening I was trying to shuffle my one-year-olds across the street and one of them lost a shoe in the process before we could leave the building so I was helping him quickly put it on when mom showed up. While helping mom I made sure that all the kids were beside me as we finished up I noticed one of them had gone missing. I started to panic! I went looking around the other rooms, I even asked my assistant teacher that's beside me in the afternoons if she had seen them after coming out from the bathroom.

So I thought one of the teachers was nice enough to take him across for me because I was struggling, so I went across looking for him and he wasn't there so I came back to the center and asked if the assistant had seen him and she shrugged her shoulders. Long story short one of the part-time elementary school teachers found him in the room by himself playing.

I explained everything to mom and she said he's the reason leashes are needed on children laughing.

long story short.
this morning the asst director came to me asking me for a statement and I wrote it up just as I said here. I simply asked if I was going to get into trouble and she said probably you cant lose someone's child.

am I at fault?
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