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This happened to me when I was at a center. Itís was a mix up with walking across the street to another establishment for a field trip with school aged children. I was the lead and I had two assistants and we divided the children into groups (we did this always not just for this trip) and one of the girls that was supposed to be with one of my assistants got left in the bathroom. I guess when he did head count a teachers child was on the playground and got mixed up and counted. I noticed the girl was gone when we got across the street and my assistant raced back to find her, her grandma had came and picked her up and just left. We had recently switched over from teachers signing them out to whoever picked up. We self reported to licensing and of course they came by the next day for a check and we checked out with no violations but got a talking to about face counts/head counts. A couple days later my boss brings me paperwork as it all fell on me as the Lead that I refused to sign because the child was not in my group. Itís on the state website still for the center and my refusal to sign didnít come up when I applied for my in home license, no one even mentioned it.
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