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I hate having to move the children from one place to another when an event is going on or things are chaotic. I always wait until the elementary school kids have left for the afternoon before I take the kids outside to play in the afternoon. Itís simply too hard to keep up with 15 three year olds when the halls are crowded with parents and K-3 children.

Yes, you and your assistant were at fault here but it sounds like your center was at fault too. Why were children being moved across the street at pick up time? Why didnít they have a room in the same building to keep the children during this event.
Thereís no extra classrooms unfortunately. I just- I donít know. I feel so bad because I had my eye on him and in that quick second he just dashed into another classroom. I should have saved the shoe until we got across the street but I didnít want him hurting himself while walking. This isnít the first time weíve had this problem with the child either. When we head to go outside to the gated playground from indoors someone has to physically hold his hand in order for him to not run away.
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