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Originally Posted by Blackcat31 View Post

It used to be a certain "type" of parent.
Now it seems it's all parents.

Whatever, I am so over it..... I just charge now and don't stress one bit about it. The parents certainly don't.

Today we have a 2 hour late delay for school and a TON of snow. I get to work no problem and don't open late or anything for days like this but most my parents will be a bit behind due to the snow so it works out well. I shovel the walk ways while my hubby plows the driveway and parking areas.

Today we are shoveling away... still 10 minutes before opening and a parent pulls into the driveway. Blocking my husband....WTF.....parent works at Dairy Queen.

She's more than 30 minutes early and seriously who is heading to Dairy Queen when it's 2F outside and snowy?
Especially since DQ doesn't even open until 10:00.

I made her get back in the car with her kid, park farther down the block and wait.

Oh man, that would make my blood boil...
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