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Originally Posted by gonecrazy View Post
It's Friday the 13th and while I am not really superstitious today just may live up to it's hype!

Dcd, thank you for giving me one look this morning then asking if I am ok today! I double checked myself in the mirror and I look just like I always look. Maybe you saw a slight look of irritation on my face because your child is here today? We are in the middle of an ice storm with the potential of power outages. His mother is home on maternity leave. Why did you not just keep him home instead of out in the weather. If the power goes out she will have to come out with the baby and get him. UGH!

Maybe I look tired to you? Because you know.....I have your child 9 1/2 hours a day Mon-Fri. Even while Mom is home on maternity leave! Maybe I look tired because my allergies are crazy right now and I had to get up and take care of your kid when he could be at home. Maybe I am tired because I didn't get a vacation this year because every time I mentioned taking a day off so I could have a long weekend it was a hassle. (yes that's my fault. I am too nice)

Sorry to rant but I am TIRED! Dck is a handful with some issues that no one wants to address and it's been a very long year. I need a vacation!
** For the record I am not a daycare. I have no desire to be. I keep kids for neighbors and friends because my children are grown and I spend a lot of time alone. I need something to occupy my time and I love having littles around. I started keeping kids to help out the son of my parent's best friends years ago and it's just gone on from there. They left and another friend asked. They left and the son of another friend asked, etc. One family at a time usually. They come to my home and are treated like family. I do the same things during the day that I did with my kids, cook meals, do laundry and dishes, etc. We do lots of crafts and activities, play outside, learn constantly but not in a "daycare" type setting."
You are a day care whether you like it or not. Everything in bold above is what a home day care provider does.
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