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Originally Posted by Blackcat31 View Post
This time of year definitely brings out the "best" in parents

My newest family says to me "Since we are paying for the Christmas vacation closure but won't be returning until another week after you re-open would it be a good compromise if we didn't pay for that second week?"

Um, compromise? I didn't realize the "fees are due 52 weeks a year regardless of attendance or time used" policy was up for debate.

There is nothing to compromise.

Fa la la la laaaaa La la la NO!!
Baffles the mind!

Originally Posted by Cat Herder View Post
Every year. They all think they invented it, too.

That is why I started giving "discounts" for closures and rolling up tuition to cover them (25 days total) over the other 50 weeks. I also make extra the years I decide to stay open a day or two here and there. It works for me.
So true.
I wised up and put in a clause a few years ago: Any notice given between October 1st-December 31st will need to pay for the Christmas break before their enrollment fee is applied to the final notice period or the initial enrollment fee is forfeited (equal to two weeks pay).

They always seem to forget about it and try it anyway. Right around Thanksgiving.

But, at least I get paid for Christmas.
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