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Originally Posted by Snowmom View Post
So true.
I wised up and put in a clause a few years ago: Any notice given between October 1st-December 31st will need to pay for the Christmas break before their enrollment fee is applied to the final notice period or the initial enrollment fee is forfeited (equal to two weeks pay).

They always seem to forget about it and try it anyway. Right around Thanksgiving.

But, at least I get paid for Christmas.
Brilliant. That never occurred to me.

My vent: I am going to have a horrible afternoon. It is about 15 minutes until our normal lunchtime and we have already eaten and are down for a nap. I had no real choice. Everyone is exhausted from the severe weather last night, most have been up since 3 am with only intermittent sleep. They are all going to think they are here hours late, too. Yay.
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