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Originally Posted by Snowmom View Post

I always get families giving their notice this time of year and daycare hop to the next one after New Years to try and get out of paying for Christmas/New Years.
Happens every year.
Originally Posted by Cat Herder View Post
That is why I started giving "discounts" for closures and rolling up tuition to cover them (25 days total) over the other 50 weeks. I also make extra the years I decide to stay open a day or two here and there. It works for me.
That's kind of what I do - I pro-rate my vacation weeks into the other weeks (they pay for 52 weeks in 49 payments) and they don't give me a check the weeks I'm closed. If someone leaves before Christmas or vacation I don't care because I've already been paid for it. Unless they haven't been with me a full year, and if they can't stick out a full year it's probably better they're gone anyway.
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