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Originally Posted by Msdunny View Post
Just read a Facebook post by mom of infant who gave me a hard time last Friday when I asked her to keep baby and sister home this week when baby was diagnosed with RSV. I haven't heard from her since her "this is really a hardship" reply. Fast forward to today's (Wednesday) post - apparantly baby has been in the hospital since Saturday, on oxygen, with RSV, bronchitis, and pneumonia. Still nothing from mom. I feel so bad for that baby, but do feel validated that my opinion wasn't wrong last week. I worried FAR too much over that decision.
Poor baby

But good for you! Imagine if you allowed her to come and then she ended up in the hospital. It probably would've been blamed on you and the daycare.

I had a dcg on oxygen for almost 2 weeks last year because of RSV. When she could come back, dcm let me know that dcg could not get sick again right away due to her immune system being compromised. As if it was my job to make sure that dcg didn't get sick I told dcm that it was out of my control, so it was at her own discretion.

Looking back, I wish I would've told her that dcg couldn't return until she was 100%. If she would have gotten sick again, I know I would've been blamed. Just a heads up for when your dck comes back!
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