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Originally Posted by CountryRoads View Post
Why do kids act up so bad when their parents are here??

They can be good all day, then as soon as they see their mom/dad they lose their minds. They break my rules (which they can follow all day), they don't listen and then I have to step in and parent because their actual parents can't do it themselves - which then leads to crying, screaming, etc.

What makes it worse is the parents try to reason with them. Please, just grab your kid and get out!!

Drives me crazy
I had a 4yo who threw a huge fit when mom came to pick him up because he wanted to stay and play. So mommy asks him if he wanted to stay with his friends and Ms. Ceri while she went to Walmart. Really? And this is the same mom who sent him to school in flip flops one day because she couldn’t get him to put on his shoes.
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