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Originally Posted by Core12 View Post
Months ago I was given a deposit for a child to start in a few months...still need to get the contract from dcm.
I am acquainted with the child’s mother from an old high school friend. The mother is a single 19 yr-old college student. Dcm asked if we took assistance, I told her, “no,” bc I don’t want one more piece of paperwork to do. (Or waiting for payment or one more regulation). DCM said the child’s father would call me soon regarding our daycare and if I had any issues to let her know.
Father called yesterday during lunch wanting a tour. I asked if everything was ok bc dcm has already given deposit to come to daycare. He said everything was fine just wanted to see our home.
Dcd shows up in a newer Range Rover. He is wearing an Apple Watch and expensive clothes and shoes. He asked our price....I explained $175/week for infants. He was visibly irritated and asked if we took assistance, I explained we did not. He said he was going to let dcm know that he knows she is trying “to get money out of him” bc she told him he could just pay her $400/month and that is not half of the daycare cost. He also said he wasn’t on the birth certificate and therefore wasn’t required by law to pay child support. Also stated he gave up a basketball scholarship in another state after he learned he was going to be a dad and now is going to a local college and working full time.
I said “oh, that’s nice maybe you could play basketball at a college around here and then be able to be with your son.”
He said, “ I won’t be able to work full time and pay Daycare if I play basketball.” Grrr
He seemed like he wasn’t impressed and that we were over valuing our business.
Before he left, he said, “I’ll need a copy of the contract and I will give you a check for my own records vs giving money to dcm.
I need the money but I know this is going to be an ordeal.
I’m going to make sure that dcm signs contract and that dcd is listed as a person to pickup dcb. I’m now wondering is it ok if I just give him a contract without moms signature? Not that he even needs it.

I do a separate contract from the policy book. He might be asking to see the policies. If yours are all in one, try only printing the policy portions.


Tell DCd that only parents that sign the contract get a copy. That you will be giving a copy to dcm.

That if he is willing to sign, then you would be happy to give him a copy.

From my experience it is best to get them both to sign, I had a DCd try to pull when he didn't sign. I didn't want to deal with the mess, so I termed DCM.
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