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I just need to rant here. Yesterday was one of my roughest days in the 4 years I have been teaching 3-4 year olds at a center. First of all five of the children didnít sleep or even rest during naptime. One child had been given a new medicine that morning and one of the side effects is insomnia and hyperactivity. He was nervous and jittery all morning and during nap/rest time I couldnít get him to lie still or even be quiet. Four other children did not nap and three of them were restless and moving about on their cots, kicking their feet up in the air, playing with their pillows, and asking me when it would be time to get up. I was so busy trying to keep the child who was having the reaction to the medicine relaxed and on his cot that I had to basically tune out the other noise and hope the non nappers didnít wake others up. I have a couple of kids who really need a nap and sleep the entire two hours. It might not have been as bad if I hadnít had a sub with me. She didnít know much about preschoolers as she works in the young toddler room. After rest time I thought things might get better but the children were noisy, one of them got mad and spilled his juice on purpose, and girl drama so bad in the home living center that I had to close it down. To make matters worse I had a headache so the noise bothered me. Normally I have a high tolerance for noise as long as they are not being mean to each other or shouting. I was talking with a parent and I couldnít really hear them because a group of kids in the block area were being loud so I had to say excuse me for a minute to the parent and turn around and tell my class that they needed to use inside voices. At the end of the day when all the classes combine in one room ( fifteen minutes before closing) a toddler amused herself by dumping out several tubs of toys while I was tying a little girls shoes. Sorry for the long rant but yesterday was rough.
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