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Originally Posted by Lil_Diddle View Post
I run an in home childcare in my basement, completely separate from my living area. A have an assistant and a back up substitute. It is my number one goal to be reliable. Iíve worked through a lot of things that I know some of these parents have called out for at their own job. In fact, I can count on one hand how many times Iíve closed unexpectedly, with little to no notice. I make it work. Even if Iím home sick or my children are home sick, we get no peace with the littles downstairs. But we make it work.

But heaven forbid I need to close, all I hear is ďwhat am I supposed to do?Ē Which to me just seems so unappreciative and just rude. One of the first things I tell these parents is this is a home daycare, always be prepared with a back up plan. Obviously, my assistant and sub are unavailable, I have no idea what you should do. Sometimes it takes all I have to bite my tongue. And I end up apologizing!!! I shouldnít have to apologize.

I apologized to an angry parent when I took a day off after my first miscarriage. I opened the daycare and came back to close on the day of my grandmothers funeral. I sang songs and played with their kids when my marriage was on the brink of divorce. Iíve worked through major headaches, and when parents come in I put on a happy face and smile like nothing is wrong. When my first grand baby was being born, I usually open at 7 but my assistant or sub couldnít come in until 8. I had parents griping about that. Two weeks ago I came down with strep. I worked it out with my subs that daycare can be open as usual. In fact I could have used a personal day and got paid, but instead I paid for a sub to be there the full day. Now the night before I took my car to be dropped off at the shop for repairs. So my car wasnít home. Do you know how grateful these parents were. Firstly only one family asked how I was feeling and told me to feel better. Another accidentally sent me a text ABOUT me, and how she and another parent were talking and my car was not even home. Not sure who that message was meant for, but apparently these parents have conversations about me. I hope she felt terrible when I replied. Now, I have plans to take next Monday off while my child is out of school. Already made plans with her and my nieces. My sub was set to cover me for the day. Well, she is human too and her daughter has to have tubes put in that day. If she doesnít take this appointment it could be two more weeks to get her in. I completely understand. My other assistant has plans for the day as well, and Mondays are her day off and we have an agreement where she gets no school days off. It was hard, and I debated but I finally decided I would keep my plans with my children and nieces and use my FIRST personal day of the school year. (I go by school years. Not calendar years). Almost a weeks notice. I sent that message out 12 hours ago and only one response. (I should mention today was a snow day, so only two families were here) so now Iím stressed that my families are angry with me, talking behind my back. Thank goodness for my talk with my assistant who convinced me to take the day and told me I deserve it.

This current group of families, is just not my favorite. They are not personable. I only have one family that makes me feel appreciated and thanks me for all the work I do with their child. I know there is no solution other than to vent, but honestly I think the way the parents behave is causing me to burn out more than the actual working with children. I want to be seen as a person rather than just a service. I thought thatís why people chose home childcare, because it is more personable.
Oh wow, it's got to be hard working with such unappreciative disrespectful parents. Any way at all you can start searching for new dcfs? Replace one at a time? At the very least, I think I'd send home letters to all(except the 1 understanding family ), explaining to them this is exactly why they need dependable back-up plans in place, you are an in-home provider offering personal family care, life happens to us all and you WILL need to take time off as it happens, due to illness and unexpected life situations. They either need to hire their own personal nanny(and hopefully someone who never ever gets sick or has a life)or bring their child to a center. I'd come right out and tell them because obviously bending over backwards to be there for them hasn't done a thing for their appreciation. People like this pi$$ me off to no end. Yeh, it may be frustrating to play this juggle act as a parent but they also need to be more understanding too. And these are probably the 1st ones to take a day off 'just because'.
I once had a dcm who asked me 'whatever will I do?' when I closed for a week because my mom died. It took all I had not to tell her to go directly to he!! and I didn't care what she did.
PLEASE don't be afraid your dcps will be angry; don't let their emotions and self-produced issues due to lack of pre-planning become your prison because you WILL suffer burn-out to the 100th degree.
Good luck!!
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