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Have a DCM who is due in May, 2 weeks ago she said to plan on having her school ager here next school year as well. Well today 7 year old says he is starting after school care and wont be coming anymore. So I text mom and said i hear B is leaving us! Sad day! And she proceeded to tell me still wants to have baby in my care come Sept. But now she just left me with 2 open spots for summer care. I was fine having one open spot/attempting to find temporary care.. but not thrilled about having to fill 2 spots... I told her she would need to pay a holding fee to keep spot open for new baby come june when spot is open and she said she is going to find new DC options.. what would you have done !?
I would have charged her full tuition for both slots the very day they became available, even if one at a time. Never hold slots for free. Always fill them first come, first served.

Every day you hold a slot is income being taken from your family.
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