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Originally Posted by Cat Herder View Post
You did. We can't keep taking from our own families with the hope that clients will appreciate it. They won't. They will always end up doing what works best for their families. We should do no different. No need to end up broke and burnt out.
Ain't that the truth!!! Chances are if she's switching dcproviders that easily, she wasn't being very reliable/trustworthy anyways; plus after telling you her SA would be coming and they're not? What'll she do when schools are closed? Let those families go who don't respect and appreciate you as a business and carer of their child/ren. All those 'nice' lol providers will learn a lot slower than you did, that people WILL take advantage for their own needs and not give you any consideration at all. Doesn't take long for burn-out to happen and providers get the losing end of the deal. Nope, don't be that business owner.
Oh and I bet 99% of the providers here would've done as you did so PLEASE don't be 2nd guessing yourself.
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