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Default Response to original; parents forget we are human too

Thank you all for your words of encouragement and empowerment. Today I spoke up to one of these bully parents and pretty much told her if this daycare is not working for her she has other options. I feel so much better, I did it with no apologies and I feel a new strength. And so grateful for my assistant and sub who remind me that these parents should be more appreciative and I deserve my day off.

So update on the parent that made me stand up today. This is the same parent that sent the text about me to me. Honestly, I think sheís one of those people that thrive off of drama.
Anyways, Iíve been working towards having teachers kids the last few years. So she is a teacher, new to my daycare this year. And has signed a contract with my new handbook geared towards my teachers families. I still have two families that are non-teachers and this is their last year and they are grandfathered in to my old handbook.
So here in the Midwest we have had nasty weather and schools have been closed all week. My new handbook says I am closed on no school days, including snow days. Well I have been taking the two non-teacher kids because their parents have to go to work. So today the bully teacher sends me a message asking if Iím closed. I reply technically yes, but I do take these two kids. She argues that that is not fair and that she is paying me for the entire week plus Iím taking Monday off now and I wonít even watch her kid. I kindly reminded her of the handbook and the contract that she signed, that I enjoy my low days, and there is no reason to have children on the road if unnecessary. I reminded her the weather is no fault of my own that is why I get paid, I pay my assistant and remind her that she is getting paid for not working. I then told her if this is not going to work for her family she has other options. I told her I know other home providers that close and do not have subs. And I reminded her she came from a center where she had to pay for summer childcare even though she didnít need it. I do not charge for summers but teachers pay from the first day of school to the last, no exceptions. The two non-teacher kids do not get that, they pay for summers and have 10 excused absences.

She sent one more message, that she just thought it would be a nice gesture since I was closing Monday. I just reminded her that I follow my handbook and no. Honestly, my handbook is long because, nice gestures usually leads parents to take advantage. And after so many issues with her she is the last person Iíd do a nice gesture for. I ended it with
ďEnjoy your snow dayĒ I havenít heard from her since.

So again thank you for listening to me vent, offering advice and reminding me to find my backbone. It felt great to tell her exactly what I wanted without offering apologies.
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