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5 more days with termed family. Dad comes in today says “she slept a really long time tonight because she skipped her morning nap, so can you skip the nap too today”.....ummmm dude why do you think I am terming you? Your kid is tired all.the.damn.time. It is great that you can turn on the tv to entertain her 24/7 but we are a no tv daycare so she struggles from about 10:30 until nap at 12:30pm if I don’t nap her. Then she sleeps for 2 hours and is rolling around on the floor rubbing her eyes and yawning again by 4:30pm

I do not know what is wrong with this child. No idea. Parents want to spend as little time with her as possible so it is on me to keep her awake all day like I don’t know what I am doing.

I think I might change my contract to including an immediate term at my discretion and refund the deposit rather than deal with a crappy family for two weeks after the term.
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