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Default 2yo On Whole Milk? Food Program Issues?

My 2yo dcb is still on whole milk and will not drink anything less. DCM keeps bringing whole for him. I have the food program lady coming on Tuesday. I didn't think I could serve whole to over 2 group, but now can't find that info. What's your experience?

FWIW, he's a skinny tall kid who could use a few more lbs of meat on him. But whole milk isn't the way to go about it. He has a very limited diet, mom serves junk. He's also on WIC and they let her buy whole still. I decided to do the food program so I can start getting him to eat something other than nuggets and mac n cheese that mom sends. Just like he doesn't clean up toys at home but does here, he'll eat what I cook when I can't stand to feed him another microwave mac n cheese meal. Bleh.....
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