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At the end of the day, life is life and we are a business. The families we care for have life issues and so do we....but it's still a business relationship.

Years ago, one of my families had a tornado hit their home and I gave them one week free of child I'm not heartless and not saying that was the wrong thing to do, but I am older now as a person and as a business owner so it's all business now.

FYI......I like the consistent business aspect much better but the 'covid-fog' (what I like to call it) has messed with my 'business push' as families seem to think 'there are no rules and anything goes and I should just except that'
I'm tired of battling every day over something... So now most of my families think I'm 'mean' anyway so why not just be 'mean

Sorry to just go off, but my head is spinning due to some crazy arrival happenings this morning!
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