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I love the birth to 3 book. I havent bought the preschool one yet.
The best advice from the birth to 3 book that I got was about infants.

From the book Positive Discipline Birth to Age 3 by Jane Nelsen

(Help Your Infant Develop A Sense of Trust
- Meet all your babies needs in the first 3 months of her life.
- Learn the difference between needs and wants.
- Avoid pampering (have faith in children to handle not receiving all wants).
- Learn about developmental needs (social, intellectual and physical).
- Learn parenting skills (including long range results of what you do.)
- Have confidence and trust in yourself.
- Enjoy your child.)

This has helped me with my 6 month old and knowing that if all his needs are met and he is still upset I dont have to blame myself and feel like a bad care giver. It is actually good for him to learn to self soothe!
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