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At my last job outside the home, I worked about 141 days per year, and made more than most families with two wage earners make. The job before that, I had about 8 weeks of paid time off. There is a daycare provider in my town who, I swear, must have more time off than she is open. She's full, though, always. Because she's awesome, and she's probably so awesome because she's smart enough to take some downtime to recharge. This is a HARD job, and it's very emotionally and physically demanding. A provider should be expected to take plenty of time off so that he or she doesn't burn out. This is a benefit to the children, IMO. 8 weeks does seem like a lot of time off, because it's not the standard in the daycare industry, but it's still only 8 out of 52 weeks. Considering that YOUR vacation (I'm guessing you and your wife probably have 3 weeks or more), sick time (2 weeks or more), and holidays (7-15 days, depending on your employer) probably come close to that, it isn't so excessive.

As already mentioned: If you aren't comfortable with it, DON'T sign the contract and find someone else to care for your kids. No one is going to pass a law telling a business owner that they can't take vacation. No law is needed. If people don't sign on with her, she'll adjust her days off or go out of business. It's too late to complain AFTER you have AGREED to it.
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