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godiva83 05:20 AM 09-15-2011
First off, congratulations for starting your own HDC!

Can you switch the 20 month to a room so he won't disturb the other children? I suggest any kind of white noise and a dark cool room to help induce sleep.

As for your daughter- I hear you your story sounds just like my 21 month old son... It is beyond frustrating! I say, keep up what you are doing and increase your positive reinforcement with her, always praise her for the positive she does through out the day. Maybe put her to sleep 15 mins after all the others sO you can get some cuddles in

I peel the fruit depending on skin is a big choking hazard for little ones.
I encourage the children to eat their food and ask them to take a bite of each item on their plate. Ex. If you are 2 you take 2 bites
Of potato, 2 bites of corn, 2 bites of lamb ect
I don't force them to eat, but encourage I hate throwing food out. As you get to know your DCK you will know what they like and can give better portions to limit waste

For the crying baby- give it time! It is awesome the parents are on board with you, it will get better! Is it his first time in daycare?

I am in Ontario also