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nothingwithoutjoy 05:04 PM 11-19-2014
I only allow books. I tell the kids to get some books before nap to take to their mat "to read when you wake up." Really, some kids read them when they haven't gone to sleep, but I don't like to advertise that option! :-) The kids who often don't sleep take bigger piles of books with them, and if I think they'll need more, I hand them another stack when I give up on getting them to sleep. For most of my 20 years of teaching, I've had all nappers. But this year, I have 2 who nearly always stay awake. Even when they try to be quiet, they wake kids up. So I've started moving them out of the room where the others sleep once I give up (I keep trying, every day!) so their page rustles won't be so loud!