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Unregistered 06:31 AM 12-17-2010
Fry/Sautee diced chicken pieces.

Boil penne noodles, and cool.

I prefer only the Kraft Gourmet Caesar dressing (it comes in a jar not in a bottle). I find some of the caesar dressings don't go well with this recipe, but you'll have to find one you like.

Toss chicken and penne noodles in the sauce, and you can serve as is (it's awesome for leftovers cold too!) or you can add romaine lettuce and serve. I add the lettuce to the plates instead of mixing in the bowl, so you don't have soggy lettuce in leftovers.

I whip this up on weekly basis, a big batch, or double batch, and eat the left overs for lunches.
I use about 900g's (a bag) of penne noodles, about 3-4 chicken breasts, and 1 jar of dressing. You can adjust this as desired.