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Originally Posted by lovemykidstoo View Post
I talked with the instructor and she said she has daycare owners in her classes all the time and the class card works fine for them. It is a friends and family cpr/first aid class. She covered everything the Red Cross one did and the card says AHA on it. She signed, dated and put an expiration date on it. She said for an extra $17, I can get a certified card if that doesn't work she said, but she's never had anyone come back for one. So crossing my fingers lol
This is what the website says, I considered calling and asking if it would still work

Infant/Child CPR
This is a great course for parents and grandparents. Includes a discussion and demonstration of infant and child CPR, management of a choking infant or child, rescue breathing and hands-on practice. We follow the American Heart "pediatric chain of survival," including injury prevention tips. Please note that this is not a certification class.

This one was $30, the $20 class was farther away.
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