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Thank you, according to mom, the little girl is a few months younger than he is and is very mean aggressive towards him, she says he does nothing back and looks at her like why are you doing this to me.
I feel like she is the mom who's child can never to any wrong and will always find someone else to blame which makes it uncomfortable for me. For instance, she is always talking about bruises, I wonder how he got this one, or that one, yet she tells me how crazy and wild he is and falling and doing this and that. I don't get it.

Anyways I said he is always going to have bruises, legs the worse. There is never no way to know where every little bruise comes from. I said if you are worried that he's getting bruises here all the time then maybe he needs to be with a one on one person therefore he wont be "playing" so much and being a kid. She said oh no I wasn't meaning he was getting them here I just freak out over all that stuff.
Good Lord, I have never had a first time parent like this before.
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